Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Travel Information

Unfortunately this year we will not be able to give everybody a ride from the airport and a free place stay, some people will have to take the bus/ride/cab and book hotel rooms (if you have stayed with us before, contact us and we might have room for you).  Sorry, we would love to be able to but we just don’t have the room this year.  All the events will be held in the city and within biking distance of each other, so transportation in the city won’t be a problem.

Getting from the airport into the city:  There are a couple of options.
-Cab: Just grab one outside the airport.  I’d guess it’ll cost you ~$25
-Go Shuttle: http://www.mkelimo.com/ usually costs ~$15
-Bus: http://www.ridemcts.com/ real cheap
-Ride: Free, and not that far of a ride.  You’ll have to assemble your bike at the airport though

Hotels:  It looks like there are plenty of places to stay in the city for under a hundred bucks a room (just search ‘hotels Milwaukee’ in Google) and just split the cost with whoever stays in your room. 

Here is a nice little Google maps thing Kevin Sparrow put up for last year:

Check the thread on Trick Track or comment on here to ask questions or see what other people are up to.
Trick Track thread

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